Cage Building: The Mini-Loft

My two guinea pigs, Ginny and Sakura, happily shared this two-level C&C (cubes & coroplast) cage for over four years.

They enjoyed cozy hidden spots, but I could not use Pigloos in my girls’ cage – the girls would become very possessive over them. So, I created a built-in Mini-Loft.

Ginny sits on top of the mini-loft, by LetSleepingPigsLie

The Mini-Loft

First, I attached a regular size grid to the side of the cage with zip-ties (also known as cable ties or plastic ties).

14 inch grid zip-tied to the side of the cage

Mini-grids came in handy once again, as additional support for the mini-loft. The small ramp attached to this support structure as well. The guinea pigs preferred to use the space under the ramp as a popular sleeping spot, and jumped up to the mini-loft instead.

Mini-grids add stability for loft

This “mini-ramp” came from a set of chinchilla cage accessories.  Do NOT use a wire ramp like this in your guinea pigs’ cage, unless it’s covered.  Guinea pigs can easily get their toenails caught in such a ramp.

Detachable mini-ramp.
The small ramp was covered in Sherpa fleece, secured with Velcro at the top.

A "sleeve" of Sherpa fleece covers the mini-ramp.

Coroplast (corrugated plastic) made a nice tray bottom for the mini-loft. I also wanted sides on the tray, to keep the mess inside the cage. The tray was removable, for easy cleaning.

Coroplast tray clipped into place.

I used small metal open-ringed clips to hold the coroplast tray snugly against the sides of the cage, and also to hold the bottom layer of fleece in place. This bottom layer of fleece prevented the upper pad from sliding off.


Fleece layer clipped into place

I sewed thick, absorbent Sherpa fleece pads to fit the single grid mini-loft. The non-slip pad rested securely on the attached fleece, and kept the clips hidden from the guinea pigs.

Fleece pad, with non-slip bottom

Fleece pad in place

Fleecy and fluffy accessories completed the cozy Mini-Loft. The Mini-Loft provided many wonderful hiding/sleeping spots for my girls, yet did not require much floor space in their cage.

Mini-loft, with accessories in place

Girls enjoying the mini-loft!

Sakura enjoying the mini-loft

Ginny enjoying the mini-loft

The mini-loft is also featured in the popular Critter Berries? post!

Ginny and Sakura love Critter Berries.

It is easy to build a C&C cage, and also inexpensive compared to buying a simple guinea pig cage at the local pet store.  C&C cages can also be easily customized and changed.  There are some wonderful ideas here:

An earlier version of this post can be found on the Guinea Lynx Forums.

Sakura’s single-level cage photos are here.

9 thoughts on “Cage Building: The Mini-Loft

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    • Making an upper loft, such as the 1 grid by 2 grid loft that Ginny and Sakura had, starts out the same way as making the base of the C&C cage. Attaching a small loft to the top of the base of your cage can be done with grid connectors and zip-ties. There are many ideas and photographs on this website:

  2. I am looking everywhere for the mini grids you used for support. Where did you get them from? I would LOVE to know!

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