Cage Building: The Hayloft

My two guinea pigs, Ginny and Sakura, happily shared this two-level C&C (cubes & coroplast) cage for over four years.

Adding the second storey to create a hayloft gave the girls extra room, and also contained most of the hay.

Ginny & Sakura's Hayloft

The Hayloft

Sakura and Ginny in their hayloft

This hayloft used fleece and towels, rather than disposable bedding, like Carefresh.

Fleece on top; towels underneath

Let’s face it — hay sticks to fleece.  One little thing that helped quite a bit was to place a square of flannel underneath the hay rack in the hayloft.  A matching square also provided a lightweight cover for napping after a snack in the hayloft.

Flannel squares keep hay off the fleeceA set of three mini-grids was used to create a central, free-standing hay rack.

Mini-Grid Hay RackThis hay rack was easy to fill, and held a nice amount of timothy hay.

Mini-Grid Hay Rack, filled with timothy hayThe girls enjoyed eating and sleeping in their spacious hayloft.  The central hay rack design encouraged sharing, but never allowed one guinea pig to become too possessive of the hayloft and hay rack.

Sakura & Ginny enjoy their hayloft

Ginny, peeking out of the hayloft

A C&C (cubes & coroplast) cage is easy and inexpensive to build compared to buying a simple guinea pig cage at the local pet store.  C&C cages can also be easily customized and changed.  There are some wonderful ideas here:

An earlier version of this post can be found on the Guinea Lynx Forums.

Sakura’s single-level cage photos are here, and the photographs for the mini-loft are here.

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